Tempi Valley was amongst the most dangerous road sections in Greece. But it’s now one of the safest highways in the country. The northern section of the A1 highway was completed 2 years ago. It connects the capital Athens to Greece’s second largest city Thessaloniki. Three new tunnels and bridges have replaced the old national […]
All new European trucks must now meet tough EU fuel economy CO2 standards. Volvo Trucks is investing heavily in new sustainable transport solutions and continues to work hard to address the huge impact this will have on the truck industry. What are the new legislation requirements?“As of 1 January 2019, all truck manufacturers must declare fuel […]
“The history of transport matches the evolution of the engine and the associated driving systems. These days saving energy and reducing polluting emissions are the main objectives of research. ‘A new challenge to make more cost-efficient engines has been launched in Europe. How does this technology work and how will it integrate in our daily […]